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July 10, 2010
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APH: Prussia and Romania by xXCookieKiddoXx APH: Prussia and Romania by xXCookieKiddoXx
So this is my Hetalia OC, Romania, with Prussia/Gilbert.
Blame MSN for what I created. Bad, bad lovers I have on MSN. YES YOU TWO PRUSSIAS I'M LOOKING AT YOU! D< It's all uke!&seme!Prussia's fault.
...AAAAAND Yes, I still need to colour this horrible thing.
Program used: Photoshop CS3
Time: ... please don't ask me. Two days?
Base: [link] All credit goes to :icontsubasa-pixel: ~ Thanks for the base, it helped a lot :3
Tablet: Manhattan
Disclaimer: I do not own Prussia or Axis Powers Hetalia/Hetalia World Series. All credit goes to Himaruya Hidekazu. All I own is the design for Romania ;3
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cscarlett15 Jul 2, 2011  Student General Artist
:iconyayprussiaplz: AWSOMENESS!
this is really good. lol oh prussia you make those good girls go bad :D
i also have a Romania oc and although i like Romania/Greece best im starting to like this pairing too (^^)b
Whaaat? Aaah, no, this one piece pretty much sucks; it's pretty old. But thanks anyway. xD <3

And I also like Greece and Romania together, they're really moe. <3 The thing is, Romania now has an official design, and it's a guy. D: Which, to me, is horribly disappointing. Oh well. Thanks for the comment, love. (:
cscarlett15 Jul 4, 2011  Student General Artist
no problem ^^
yeah i heard his character is described as a merry oddball who sepcialises in magic im kinda sad it's a guy but he is cute :meow:
and just when i made my oc a month ago too, talk about bad timeing TT,TT
He is indeed cute, but it would've been ten times better if he were a guy. And, fft, no bad timing at all! Nobody saw it coming. My OC is about a year old, and I spent a lot of time developing her. It would be normal to ditch her and start playing the official version of Romania, but I really worked hard on making my own version, researching all about her, and my heart won't let me toss her away. I think I'll stick to my own version until the official one is properly/fully presented, with personality traits and name and all that. After that, we'll see... But some piece of advice: Don't forget your OC and throw it away just because the official version is out. I'm confused if it'll be appropriate to keep using my OC but I don't really care. If that character you made is something special for you and you're proud with it, keep it. Who knows, people might like your version better than the official one. (:
cscarlett15 Jul 5, 2011  Student General Artist
yeah it was a bit unexpected and i also refuse to ditch my character coz i still have alot of designs for her, i mean there are alot of good romnaia oc's on deviantart too; like one artist i can't remember his/her name but they made a bloody comic series about their romnaia oc. but same here im a little confused coz now when i upload a new pic im gonna get some tard saying
"lolz why are you making a romania oc when he's a official character?"
so im im gonna reply back with...
"well me and alot of other made their oc's before the character was released and im sticking by her!"
i guess everyone who made a girl oc can think of them as the nyotalia version but idk
Well, yeah, the best is to ignore the stupid retards who have nothing better to do than troll people. I think we don't need to mix up the OCs and official designs- my OC is my OC, she has both a fem! and male! version, and the official is official. I don't mind, at least people now will be more aware of Romania being there, and maybe roleplayers and such will understand the situation and decide if they prefer the official or the OC ver. of the character.

PS: We should really keep in touch via Skype/MSN/Yahoo/anything else. I love your Romania OC, and I see you're from the UK, so timezone isn't a big problem either. If you'd like, of course. :)
cscarlett15 Jul 5, 2011  Student General Artist
sounds cool im a bit noobish when it comes to msn and skype and stuff like that coz the laptop im using is usually for work only lol but if you wanna pick up a coversation on either of our profile pages or journel entries that would be good.
im free from 4pm coz that's when my sister uses the laptop for homework and facebook (poor soul)

but anyway yeah oc's should still be used coz even though we have seen some pics of ireland, new zealand, moldova, Portugal and so on we should continue with our own ideas and designs
Oh, I'm always free now until September, because I'm on summer vacation. Err, but until 9th of July I won't be much online because I'm at my sister's place, my laptop's home and she usually uses the comp to play Barbie movies for her kiddo.
amazing, i have a Romania OC and i support this pairing. im actually writing fanfics about them
I looked a bit over your Romania OC... As I noticed, she's a girl, and her name is... Serenity Anghelescu? I know people have the right to make their own choices and all but... I'm just curious /why/ did you give her an English name? xD
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